[Tweet|Photos|Trans] Minhyuk and Song Eunyi eat out together



140813 MR_KANGGUN_2

@MR_KANGGUN: 은이누나랑 데이트!

누나가 몸보신 시켜줬습니다!

여름따위 극뽁~~!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

[TRANS] @MR_KANGGUN: Date with Eunyi noona!

Noona is taking care of my health!

I’ll be able survive this summer~~! kkkk”

[T/N: Noona – older sister, Song Eun-yi is a gag-woman under FNC Entertainment and she’s really fond of Minhyuk ^^]


Song Eunyi: Look, I’m again the only one smiling (or happy)… kk

Minhyuk: What? I’m sure I chose to upload the photo where I was smiling, the photo with manager was uploaded instead…

[T/N: Seems like Minhyuk uploaded the wrong picture, so he tweeted again]

140813 MR_KANGGUN_3

@MR_KANGGUN: 분명히 이 사진을 골랐는데…”

[TRANS] “@MR_KANGGUNi’m really sure I chose this picture (to upload) though..”

Song Eunyi jokingly replied that it’s okay because she has candid photos of him anyways.

140813 Eunyi noona_1

140813 Eunyi noona_2


I’m okay with this~~ (Stalker hhhhh)


Minhyuk: kkkk when did you take that kkk
Song Eunyi: Hahahaha!~~~~ I don’t know too~~ kk

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